Copperlode swim classic swim rules & Ballot registration

Copperlode swim classic swim rules & ballot registration

Date; Sunday 18th November 2018

Swim Rules & Ballot Registration

By entering the swim ballot you agree to abide by the following conditions should you be successful at the ballot draw:


    1. Online ballot registration here. Only 30 ballot places are available. Ballot registration shall close on Monday 08 October 2018 at 5:00pm.
    2. The first 10 places drawn are allocated for Mudcrab members. If the Mudcrabs members allocation is not exhausted by ballot close, these places will be reallocated to the general public. Three (3) reserves shall be drawn should a swimmer not accept their ballot place or pull out of the event.
    3. Ballot draw shall be conducted on Tuesday 09 October 2018. The draw shall take place at Woree Pool at 7:30pm and all swimmers registered in the ballot are welcome to attend the draw. Swimmers shall be notified on Wednesday 10 October if name was drawn and will have until Tuesday 16 October at 7:00pm to accept their ballot place.
    4. To accept a ballot place, swimmers must make payment of the required entry fee, provide photo ID, Masters Swimming Australia membership ID (if applicable) and sign a disclaimer form.
    5. The event day guide containing course map and event timings will be issued once full acceptance completed. Swimmers who do not accept their ballot place shall forfeit their ballot entry. Reserves shall be contacted by email in order drawn. Reserve swimmers will be given a due date to accept their ballot place.

    1. Minimum age: Only swimmers 18 years or older are able to register. Photo ID to be provided as part of the ballot acceptance process.
    2. Swim Suits: Wetsuits or swimming aids are NOT permitted.
    3. Cut‐off time: A 1‐hour cut‐off time will be enforced. Swimmers who have not rounded the final buoy by the cut‐off time shall be assisted to shore by water safety craft.
    4. Check‐in: On event day, swimmers are to present to check‐in by 8:30am to receive mandatory swim cap, wrist tag and attend the mandatory swim briefing which shall commence at 9:00am. Transportation of swimmers to the course start by 4WD vehicles will commence immediately after the swim briefing. Swimmers are not permitted to walk to make their own way to or from the course start area. In attempting to do so swimmers shall be disqualified from the event as a breach of permit conditions.
    5. Water safety: Rescue craft will be patrolling the course, all water safety craft will be in two‐way radio communication. Swimmers must follow all instructions by event officials at all times.
    6. Course & Wave Start: One (1) wave start for all 30 swimmers. Course map will be issued upon ballot acceptance.
    7. Weather: Wet weather may force the event cancelation, as lake access is not possible in wet conditions. Swimmers shall be notified the day prior if the event is cancelled and refunded the full entry fee paid.
    8. Sanctioning:The swim shall be run in accordance with the Masters Swimming Australia National Open Water Swim Rules.
    9. Insurance: Masters Swimming Queensland has sanctioned the event. The entry fee includes event day insurance by Masters Swimming Australia.
    10. Results: Published by 5:00pm, Monday 19 November 2018 here.
    11. Disclaimer: Swimmers will be required to sign the Swim Rules & Disclaimer Form as part of the ballot acceptance process.

    1. Swimmers are not allowed to apply sunscreen, moisturiser, swimsuit lubricant or any other body lotion on the event day.
    2. Swimmers are not permitted to use any swimming aid i.e. fins, paddles, pool buoy, kick board, wetsuit.
    3. Swimmers must only wear the swim cap issued at check‐in. Personal swim goggles and togs are allowed.
    4. Swimmers acknowledge there are no toilets or change facilities at the swim start/finish area. Swimmer shall only use the toilets located in the upper car park.
    5. Swimmers shall only use the waste bins provided at the check‐in and course start areas. Swimmers must assist in ensuring all areas are left in a clean and tidy state post‐event.

    1. Swimmers shall only park in the lower car park designated for this event. The upper car park can only be used as a 2‐ minute drop‐off zone. Swimmers must not park on grassed area under any circumstance.
    2. Swimmers are encouraged to car pool to minimise traffic on Lake Morris Road and be wary of other road users including cyclists, tour groups and day visitors.

    1. Swimmers must only use the change facilities at the check‐in area, as there are no change facilities at the course start area.
    2. Swimmers personal belongings left at the check‐in area will be unattended and are left at own risk.
    3. Spectators including children are NOT permitted at the course start. Spectators and children are to remain at the check‐in area.